The YCR provides one-day virtual workshops and in-person trainings.

For the YCR one-day virtual workshop, two types of workshops (free of charge) will be provided for interested Yale colleagues to match the needs of users with different levels of expertise:

  1. Basic version: EM operation and cryo sample screening using SerialEM and Glacios.
  2. Advanced version: SPA data acquisition with SerialEM and Glacios.

The workshop will be provided through zoom and will not include hands-on practice due to limited time. The workshop is intended to familiarize users with these topics, reinforce areas that they may have overlooked during instrument training, refresh their knowledge, and learn the latest updates to these workflows.

The workshop will be provided on the last Wednesday (10am-5pm) of the month, alternating between the basic and advanced versions. Workshops may be cancelled if fewer than three users sign up. 

Because of the coming holidays, the ninth workshop (Basic version) is arranged on December 1, and will be the last workshop of 2021. Instruction will be provided by Jianfeng Lin. Requests for registration should be sent to Jianfeng.lin@yale.eduThe Zoom meeting link and training materials introduced in the workshop will be sent to attendees before the workshop. 

We expect to modify the workshop content, instructors, and frequency over time and in response to participant feedback.

For in-person training, we will be offering four types of training based on the trainee’s skill level (pleased see YCR-Policies for details):  (1) Negative staining EM training on Talos L120C or Tecnai T12; (2) Cryo EM basic training on Glacios; (3) Advanced training on certain techniques and applications (e.g., advanced training on SerialEM); (4) Refresher training

To receive a training, interested Yale colleagues need to first set up a Yale FOM account (, and request training via email to one  of the following staff members: Jianfeng lin (Science Hill), Marc llaguno (Sterling Hall of Medicine), or Shenping Wu (West campus)Their email requests should also include an EM Training Request Form (an example is provided).

Users participating in in-person training will incur usage charges in accordance with our standard fee schedule. For example, the Cryo EM basic training on Glacios will include 3 hours of sample preparation training and 18 hours of EM/SerialEM training (pleased see its training agenda). Training can be provided either in a group of two or individually, with a cost of $1275/trainee and $2550/trainee, respectively.

Please keep in mind that all standard COVID precautions must be followed during the training/assistance sessions. The following are additional requirements based on the state and Yale guidelines:

  • Groups in proximity may not exceed three persons. 
  • In a laboratory room, only one group may perform proximity training at a time.
  • ASTM-rated or KN95 masks must be worn as a face covering. ASTM-rated masks are available via the Yale COVID stock room in SciQuest. KN95 masks are available via YPPS.
  • A face shield must be added over the face covering. These are available via the Yale COVID stock room in SciQuest. Goggles should be used instead of face shields when handling corrosive liquids.
  • When the work allows, people shall position themselves to increase distance between each other as much as possible.
  • After the session is complete:
  1. Remove and disinfect the face shield. Face shields can be reused if undamaged after disinfection using >70% Ethanol, 0.5% Hydrogen Peroxide solution, or Oxivir disinfecting wipes.
  2. Clean hands using hand sanitizer and/or soap and water for 20 seconds.
  3. Remove and discard the ASTM-rated or KN95 mask and replace with a surgical mask or cloth face covering, as appropriate.
  • A record of this proximity work and the individuals involved shall be maintained by the facility to facilitate possible future contact tracing.
  • More information on EHS guidelines can be found at:
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November 21, 2021