Get started as a YCR user

The Yale CryoEM Resource (YCR) is a state-of-the-art cryoEM facility. It currently has multiple cryo-sample preparation devices (such as Vitrobot and Chameleon) and five electron microscopes housed across three Yale campuses: a Titan Krios on West Campus, a Glacios and a Tecnai T12 at Yale School of Medicine site (formerly part of CCMI), and a Glacios and a Talos L120C on Science Hill.

Functioning as a cohesive unit, the YCR provides support to the global scientific community, with priority given to Yale-affiliated researchers. Interested researchers can follow the provided instructions (for internal or external researchers) to become YCR users. The YCR empowers users with significant flexibility to apply various cryoEM techniques (such as SPA, cryoET, and MicroED, as well as negative stain EM) to their research. Four types of services are available:

  • Training: YCR users interested in acquiring cryoEM skills can participate in YCR’s virtual workshops (free of charge) and/or receive in-person trainings (incurring charges) on cryoEM techniques provided by YCR’s expert staff. Once users pass YCR’s certification, they will be authorized to independently operate YCR instruments. Refer to YCR-Policies for more details.
  • Self-service: Certified users who are authorized to independently use YCR instruments can perform experiments at YCR on their own. Additionally, YCR staff is available for support during business hours as needed.
  • Partial-service: YCR users have the option to utilize YCR’s hourly-based partial-service for specific tasks such as EM alignments and SerialEM setup. Users can work remotely or on-site.
  • Full-service: YCR users can also take advantage of YCR’s full-service for cryo sample preparation, sample screening, and/or cryoEM data collection. Users can send or bring their samples to YCR, where expert staff will carry out the experiments. Remote users can communicate with YCR staff during the service through zoom meetings that facilitate screen sharing.