​​ScienceHill EM Lab

The ScienceHill EM  Lab has a ThermoFisher Glacios electron microscope located in YSB, room C133D, as well as an ThermoFisher Talos L120C  electron microscope located in the Bass Center,  room 231. The lab supports cryo-EM and negative staining EM, as well as anything necessary to prepare your grids. You can find a list of the equipments available on the Instruments tab. 

Reservations for the equipments and usage charges are on the Scheduling tab and Rates tab, respectively. 

The ScienceHill EM  Lab works closely with the Richards Center, where you can find many resources for data analysis of both crystallographic and EM data. If you’re interested in collecting cryo-EM data at the medical campus,  please visit the website here.  Yale’s Titan Krios electron microscope is located at the West Campus, which you can learn about here.  Keep an eye on the MB&B Department seminars, which frequently invites speakers who are experts in Cryo-EM.

If you have any questions, use the Contact Us page.

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Last modified: 
April 9, 2021