All usages of instruments in YCR must be signed-up through FOM, which can be accessed through the website (

Two type of sessions are available for signing up for each EM: attended and unattended sessions. An attended session only applies to weekdays and YCR staff will provide partial or full service as requested; An unattended session applies to any days and the user will conduct experiments independently. In an unattended session, the user is fully responsible for monitoring progress of their experiment, although YCR staff will help and engineers may provide technical support for sessions during regular hours on Monday-Friday. Only authorized independent users are eligible to reserve unattended sessions.

For Glacios: because attended sessions rely on the availability of YCR staff and are currently in high demand, users should contact Jianfeng Lin by email ( to request time. Their email request should also include an Glacios Access Request Form (an example is provided) containing session-specific information to facilitate the reservation. The time stamp of a valid request email determines the position in the queue.

For L120C: users may sign up directly for unattended sessions, whereas attended sessions need to be requested by contacting Jianfeng Lin by email (Jianfeng.lin@yale.eduand including a Tecnai T12 or Talos L120C Access Request Form (an example is provided).

Last modified: 
March 5, 2021